The San Diego Comic Con Panel portion of the Comic Con HD subscription kinda pisses me off. I mean, I know most of this stuff is available on YouTube a few days after the event (making the trip I take to San Diego and the several hundreds of dollars spent and the countless hours waiting in line to see these things in person pointless). This organized display of all the comic con has to offer takes my pissed-off-itudeness to another level, altogether. I mean, they have cataloged over 80 panels from 2016 alone. And I’m not talking just the big summer blockbuster studio Hall H stuff. They’ve got the little panels like the Dungeons and Dragons Panel entitled “Rogues, Half-Elves, and Magic Missle” included up in here. Nuts. Why do I work so hard to get down to San Diego when I can watch it all for $6.99 a month?

I guess it’s for the human interaction, but that shit’s overrated.